About Us

Retrolino is a small niche business. We came about by chance and we have stuck with it. So, we travel all over the UK collecting pieces which is an absolute joy. Every piece of flooring has a story behind it which is what we love about collecting. The flooring is kept in storage and we welcome any queries or contributions . We now have a collection of ceramic tiles and 90s wallpapers.

Ordering from Us and Delivery.

Our flooring ranges in size and weight so there are various delivery methods we employ to get the flooring to you, with different cost options. Please contact us for a quote on or on +447802604012 . Human contact is required.

Buying Vintage Flooring - a few words

Buying Vintage Flooring from this site means that you will be buying flooring that has imperfections, especially as some of it is second hand. The majority of my clients are film/tv and theatre who enjoy the imperfections. I make every attempt to point out any individualisms of each piece so that you are aware before you purchase.
In addition to this, vintage linoleum is particularly fragile and should be carefully handled in a warm environment.

Got Any Interesting Flooring to Sell ?

We are always interested in looking at interesting vintage flooring with a view to adding to our collection. If you think we might be interested in any flooring you have please email the following information to

  1. Wide Photo of flooring and Closeup photo of flooring
  2. Size of the piece or pieces of flooring and any label information on the back of carpets in particular.
  3. Location of the flooring

Once we have this information we will get back to you.